October 7th, 2008

Apollo 4 on column of fire

You would think ...

You would think that more people would figure out that it doesn’t matter how many airplanes John McCain crashed—that you are simply emphasizing that he flew military aircraft for several years. Now, what did you fly, hmmm? is going to be the reaction.
Question mark

Secret Service

Now that Palin-McCain are inciting violence against Barack Obama, shouldn’t the Secret Service block John McCain from attending tonight’s town-hall debate?
Apollo 4 on column of fire

David Bender at least noticed that he was wrong

The somewhat IMO clue-starved David Bender of AAR just said that all the ‘I agree with John’ from Obama in the last debate actually worked, even though Bender had cringed at the time; and Bender admits that he was wrong. Then, unfortunately, he has to thrown in that he wouldn’t have done it quite so much.

I say that if David Bender doesn’t like it then Obama should do it even more, and even finish the evening with a nod to David Bender. But that would just be Obama inflicting pain on Bender for me, the way Bender wants Obama to inflict pain on John McCain.

I want John McCain to feel pain but for Obama to inflict it in a different way; I like my tea to be light-bodied, and so too with pain infliction.