October 11th, 2008

Apollo 4 on column of fire

Greg Palast

I’m adding Greg Palast to the list of people (Mark Crispin Miller, Robert F. Kennedy) whose treatment of the Republican election-stealing problem is such that it might well discourage more people from voting than can be made up for through the precautions they advise. I remember well, back in 2006, Randi Rhodes yelling at a caller, a victim of paralyzing fear, who had gone to the polls and then left without voting, to get back there and vote, dammit.

This caller had been made to feel voting was futile, hopeless, and was afraid to go through the motions; but, of course, despite the considerable election stealing operation, the Democrats were put into the (numerical) majority (though they remained a ‘mental’ minority).

Remaining off the list of naughty election-stealing warners are Brad Friedman and Bev Harris. Also Mark Crispin Miller is absolved of guilt; it’s just that he seems such an anxious person that he can’t help but make people anxious.

(I notice you don’t hear much about Bev Harris since a whole bunch of people were shocked to discover that Harris wasn’t a Democratic partisan hack trying to depose Generalissimo Bush.)
Apollo 4 on column of fire

To add to the previous posting ...

I have come around to the point of view, taken by the Democrats, that making a spectacle of Republican election stealing would actually help the Republicans achieve their goal of getting people to stay home in fearful paralysis rather than go out and vote. Now we have to get Thom Hartmann to see things that way. At least he points out the Dem view on this; it’s just he thinks the Democrats are in error. But I have changed my mind; people like Greg Palast are out there giving people the impression that as soon as they submit a ballot it will be taken in back and blasted with a shotgun; this despite that he’s actually providing useful advice about how to minimize the chance that your ballot will be spoiled.

If we can get five more people to vote for the effort it would take to save two ballots from spoilage, let’s go for it.