October 20th, 2008

Apollo 4 on column of fire

Great moments in seeing people you see rarely

So the conversation turns to politics, and then people apologize in case Kristy and I are Republicans, and I say, no, ohmygod no no no, it’s safe to talk, because we’re socialists! :)

Then, because you can’t hear lettercase, we made it plain we supported Democrats, although not everyone had heard of Dennis Kucinich (the paradoxical price in self-inflicted lameness that Dennis pays for stuff like introducing 13570 articles of impeachment in a mindnumbing litany, instead of 4 or 5 really good ones punched into the brain).
Apollo 4 on column of fire

The return to the grind

MSNBC commentators talk about what a big ‘blow’ to the Obama campaign on account of Obama having something more important to do. No doubt Florida (Attackida) and Michigan have been lost to the Democrats for the rest of our lives, too.

Meanwhile I find that TPM has been advising us to keep looking at the sky lest it should fall in the last days of the campaign. My advice is to get a freaking umbrella. (I don’t care enough to seek out the exact posting to which I refer; I’ve got to recover from the disappointment of spotting only a single anole while in Attackida. Kristy spotted another, but I didn’t get to see it.)