November 8th, 2008


A new edition of "The Creation of the World" and a new version of my Prociono font

This version of the e-book is made with my own font, Prociono, which has been updated, mainly to improve the hinting. (With the old hinting, microtypographic glyph expansion, which I am fond of using, would cause the page to have an uneven color when viewed in Adobe Reader.) I think the new PDF is significantly more readable than the previous.

The Creation of the World by *chemoelectric on deviantART
Apollo 4 on column of fire

Why Bobby Kennedy should not and will not be head of EPA


I’m a bit curious why the Bobby Kennedy rumor even exists, given Kennedy’s conviction (about 25 years ago) for heroin possession. Maybe the people who started the rumor weren’t aware of the heroin incident.

Let me add that neither should Ralph Nader head EPA. I’m sure there are plenty of people with actual scientific experience and who take care in what they say who can head EPA.
Question mark

So, who started the rumors?

According to this WaPo article, if you read it as I do, the rumors about Obama appointing RFK as head of EPA were started by people not involved in deciding who will head EPA:

My question is, who are these people? And a followup question is, are they aware of Bobby’s drug-abuse history? It’s not something he shouts out about every day, but I believe I’ve heard him give it as a reason why he doesn’t expect ever to get an appointment such as head of the EPA. Not that Bobby would have gotten the appointment, anyway.

Another question I have is, how come the reporter doesn’t mention this wrench that would be in the works of an RFK appointment? Does she even know about it, and, if not, why not?