November 12th, 2008

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Lieberman and Obama

I think Glenn Greenwald is right that Lieberman’s fate should be decided by the senators without any arm-twisting from Obama—so that the Senate can get used to being responsible for something once again—although if anyone asks Obama his opinion I don’t see why he shouldn’t give it. This isn’t Chief Justice Burger chatting with President Nixon about Court business.

Keep in mind, if and when they leave Lieberman in charge of homeland security and government business, that his covering-up was not just for the Bushists, but also for Jay Rockefeller, Nancy Pelosi, Jane Harmon, et al.

Dick Durbin working against or on behalf of Lieberman is unbecoming, though, if he is doing it in lieu of his junior senator. Chris Dodd is one thing, he's the co-Lieberman from Connecticut; but the co-Obama is something else.

Still, I'm not going to lose much sleep over this stuff. Maybe just a little sleep.
Apollo 4 on column of fire

Broken stuff

I’m running Opera in my 32-bit chroot, because I've blasted the font handling in the 64-bit world. I think it’s stuff being built with different binutils and gcc. I'm rebuilding everything and hopefully that will stabilize things.
Apollo 4 on column of fire

Why Future Senator Franken will win


There is a bit of a drawback in the system, in that it can be hard to keep your ballot secret. However for that to be a real problem then the guy paying you for your vote would have to stand by the scanning machine and watch carefully. In my experience there is just some old guy who hands out ‘I VOTED’ stickers. :)

I am curious about the statement that some voters’ party IDs were known; this is an open primary state.

Once Franken takes office, all three major candidates will have held that Senate seat at one time. :)
Apollo 4 on column of fire

flute follies

I think my flute sat in the frozen mailbox for days, because the mailman put the key in the wrong box; whoever got my flute just dumped it by the door. So I opened the package and the flute looks like its blackwood, grenadilla, and not the boxwood I ordered. I need as light a flute as possible, which means boxwood.


Update: Oy. This is a big letdown, because it could be months now before I get the boxwood I need. Also I do not know whether the flute delivered here is the small-handed model or not, and I need the small-handed model. I need the flute to be light and require little finger-stretching. Even then it is going to be only with serious difficulty that I can play the thing.

I dropped a couple of notes in the maker’s e-mail box. I was sure to include smilies.
Musical Ralphy

flute follies update

Mr. Burns, the flute maker, says he had me down for blackwood and that it is a small-handed flute I got and I should try it to see how I like the fingering, and he'll send me a boxwood flute in a few weeks.

He also says there is compelling evidence that fibromyalgia, which I have, is Lyme disease, which he has. I said Lyme likely accounts for a lot of cases but fibro, being a set of symptoms, could easily have many causes. I don't remember whether I was tested for Lyme disease, but there are plenty of people who have been tested and still have fibro symptoms. I think I was born with it along with OCD. I can't remember a time, for instance, when I could tolerate being hit by a snowball or could catch a hard-thrown baseball without whimpering.