November 13th, 2008

Apollo 4 on column of fire

Corrupted ccache

Some troubles I’ve been having on my system seem, as I discovered by googling, to have been caused by corrupted ccache. I run software that caches compiled output, which helps a lot when there is the need to compile the same thing twice or more—particularly when I have to interrupt or accidentally interrupt the building of a large package and have to (or at least find it convenient to) start again.
Apollo 4 on column of fire

Not stupid, just mildly humorous

Thom Hartmann thinks we should get Amtrak off of diesel and electrify it. I guess all those ‘wires’ along the Corridor are a diesel-fuel delivery system. :)

Around here almost all the rail is freight, of which there is plenty, and which actually runs on diesel. Actually those locomotives also are electric, but they carry their own generator.
Apollo 4 on column of fire

Burns flute is easy to play

I just tried the Casey Burns folk flute for about two minutes and it seems much easier to play than my Tipple flute made of PVC pipe (which is much easier to play than my molded plastic Dixon flute, which sounds horrible, anyway). It has exactly the nice properties for which Grey Larsen recommends it to beginners. The weight isn’t so bad, on account of good balance and the small-hand fingering, but I’m sure I’ll be even happier with a lighter flute in boxwood, especially if it is even a little bit quieter. The main problem with boxwood, for me, would be its greater fragility.

I might want one of the finger holes moved ever so slightly on my boxwood, but I’ll have to try some more.

Being able to blow the flute more easily will help me relax my grip, too.
Apollo 4 on column of fire

Working with ConTeXt and LuaTeX and/or with ant

I just figured out today that ConTeXt Mark IV doesn’t yet have the ability to do kerning at discretionary hyphenation points; having figured that out, I came to understand the comment in the code that says it can’t yet do kerning at discretionary hyphenation points (nor with ligatures). I hadn’t noticed this when making my new edition of ‘The Creation of the World’, because I used my Prociono font and it is well spaced; but, playing with a badly spaced font, and sticking kerns in at the worst spots, I noticed, because letters overlapped and I couldn’t stop it.

There is a decent chance I’ll go do the next project anyway, just using a well-spaced font that you could get away with using sans kerning.

But I strongly suspect they are going about things incorrectly, in a way that I did in my first pass at handling OpenType features. That was in my Unicon software; I did things more correctly in the Caml version. Experience with TeX isn’t necessarily a great thing when working with OpenType.

I’m kind of bored with writing my tiny little programs in Caml, and want a break from designing fonts. I’m going to take a break from Juvelo Italic and release Juvelo Roman as a ‘sneak preview’ on my reworked CrudFactory page. But also I am thinking of working either with LuaTeX and ConTeXt but trying to cram in code for the way I think things should work, or else fork off my own derivative of ant (which is public domain). The former project could leverage a whole lot of existing capability, while the latter project not as much. But the former also means working with a rapidly changing project that some guys purposely are doing as a small team, while the latter is working with code whose author doesn’t have time to work on it, anyway, so that forking off my own stuff would be a leisurely activity.