November 15th, 2008


Obama to campaign: Go change your armor

On page 50 of the November 17 issue of ‘The New Yorker’, the story is told of Barack Obama telling his campaign to stop acting like ninnies, getting all reactive when Obama said he would meet unconditionally with other leaders. The campaign wanted to backtrack, and Obama told them to cut it out. This ninny-ness goes all the way down to the grass roots; it is annoying to see bloggers and such complain about it, all the while displaying it.

People appreciate stedfastness, but you have to be stedfast, and few politicians are, as are only a few campaign assistants and campaign critics. When you fake stedfastness it just doesn’t work. John McCain said he was stedfast, and then acted erratically. GW Bush claimed to be stedfast, but eventually his ‘stedfastness’ was recognized as doltish stubbornness. Barack Obama never claimed to be stedfast, but simply thought ahead and was stedfast—and now he is the one picking furnishings for the White House.