December 2nd, 2008

Apollo 4 on column of fire

I checked on Alex Trotman

I checked to see if Alex Trotman was spinning in his grave, and, yes, he passed on in 2005. I miss his lectures, which I used to listen to on the radio.

Donald Petersen was not so lucky, and has to live through what’s going on right now.

A freaking 33-page plan. It’s probably written with a crayon, too, full of misspellings. Are these people even adults? Someone check, I think they are modestly precocious 9th-graders.
Apollo 4 on column of fire

Eventually ... at the end ...

During further development of my LJ style today, I made the first steps in turning the thing into a generally usable, non-rubujic style.

But, be warned, having a permanent account gives me incentive to take my time. It is like building a great church or cathedral—you can have stonecarvers working on it for decades, centuries.

Also having bad hands gives me incentive to avoid any generalization or maintaining a public style.