December 30th, 2008

Apollo 4 on column of fire

Something I just realized

Three of the four US presidential/vice-presidential candidates for 2008 were from the last three states to join our brotherly union of states.

Yeah, Obama hasn’t lived in Hawaii for some time, and Sarah Palin was born in Idaho, but cut me some slack. :)

Joe Biden wanted to cap the other end. Being from the 2nd state apparently was not good enough, so early in life he relocated to the 1st, happily and very wisely bypassing the 3rd.
Apollo 4 on column of fire

Norm Coleman begs the Minnesota judiciary to do to him what it once did to members of the James gang


What does he think is going to happen? What an awful person Norm Coleman is; I hope his financial troubles multiply and he winds up in federal court for filing false disclosures, then that he should lose all his teeth except one, so it can ache. It’s going to be a pleasure to have someone in his place who is, on the other hand, very, very nice.