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01:34 am: Roland Burris is well prepared
03:57 pm: Cognitive dissonance in the field of book design
12:26 pm: Playing Thom like a fiddle
01:56 pm: Hartmann doesn't see the problem with seating Burris
02:45 pm: The kind of thinking that won Hillary Clinton the presidency
06:55 pm: A major correction
08:29 pm: Panarin
01:15 am: A musical interlude: John McSherry playing 'Doinna'
08:38 pm: Revise that: Franken wins by 225
01:19 am: How long can he hold out?
11:44 am: Lose your lunch
09:39 pm: If I were Obama (which is not the case) - 4 comments
04:04 pm: LJ post mortems - 2 comments
08:17 pm: What failure!
10:55 pm: More reason for Feinstein and Rocky to soil their armor
02:15 pm: Okay, that's it. I'm done with this. - 2 comments
02:53 pm: In case people are keeping score
12:35 am: Who will fold first: Coleman or Reid?
11:39 am: Thom Hartmann is fearmongering
11:57 am: Why do people want to live in a world that is scarier than the actual one?
12:26 pm: Brownie: 'I'm sure glad I wasn't in charge of this stuff, anymore!'
04:00 pm: A profound pondering
02:26 am: A bug report on Cairo
12:57 am: A headline seen on BuzzFlash.com
09:22 pm: Urge to kill RISING ...
10:03 pm: Obsessive-compulsive disorder - 2 comments
03:17 pm: Ron Kuby
08:25 pm: LOL!
12:19 pm: Free stuff: Adobe Glyph List code
02:08 pm: What’s new is old
02:53 pm: It was Sorensen
04:09 pm: What we are up against
09:41 am: A BuzzFlash headline
05:21 pm: I propose a book title: "Tom Friedman is a Moustached Idiot"
06:28 pm: Glyph clusters
12:25 am: Now THAT'S an impressive fraud
10:32 pm: Soon we may know
02:03 pm: A nice picture of Philly - 6 comments
02:15 pm: No more pardons - 2 comments
05:44 pm: Funny but both frustrating and sad
07:57 pm: What I think of Keith Olbermann's special comment begging Obama to prosecute Bush - 2 comments
12:05 pm: The inaugural speech
12:17 pm: Murder - 15 comments
03:38 pm: Rick Warren and Ron Kuby
04:10 pm: Questions for the curious
04:17 pm: Another question
07:25 pm: Now the hard stuff - 2 comments
07:49 pm: Cigarette lighters on the ears
07:49 pm: Cigarette lighters on the ears
11:02 pm: Things that I marvel over
12:08 am: Digby: "No, we can't"
12:32 am: A farewell salute
12:36 am: Someone besides Melissa Etheridge who eventually grasped Barack Obama's offered hand
01:40 am: John Roberts screwing up the presidential oath
04:23 pm: Chris Wallace is the dumbest person in the United States
06:42 pm: Potential trouble for Bush
01:10 am: How the Republicans can regain their lost ground
01:12 am: They have eyes, but do not see
01:38 pm: Franken catches Coleman doctoring evidence
10:15 pm: I'll let Rude One say it for me ...
11:46 am: Anxiety in learning
05:17 pm: Quizzity Quiz Quiz
08:45 pm: Modeling
12:20 am: Ack!
10:48 pm: BuzzFlash is like a baby without its pacifier
12:17 pm: Obama and Roosevelt
11:13 pm: This has been bothering me for days
05:10 pm: Norm Coleman's kneecaps
10:44 pm: 'Global Warming' is irreversible - 5 comments
03:14 pm: A jerk
04:18 pm: Ron Kuby's knowledge of history - 2 comments
04:49 pm: I finally listened to this promotional on Air America - 1 comment
07:05 pm: Habitual grousing
08:22 pm: Grousing has commenced - 8 comments
08:40 pm: More of it
11:40 pm: How BuzzFlash congratulates President Obama for a huge win in the House
06:12 pm: Rachel Maddow, too
11:36 pm: Pat Morita: a fascinating life!
12:21 am: Somebody was actually paid to write this
01:01 am: Sam Seder grousing
01:40 am: The new I-35W bridge
09:55 am: What the president doesn't understand
03:46 pm: Ron Kuby just stated that rich people tend to be bad parents
11:39 pm: Very interesting
02:28 pm: Did I add Glenn Greenwald to the list of grousers, yet? ...
07:21 pm: OpenType follies

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    In case it matters, the most recent confirmed lahar is about 500 years ago, but there were mixed reports of eruptions in the late 1800s.
  • 25 Mar 2014, 01:20
    Pretty low until you jinxed them.
  • 25 Mar 2014, 01:01
    What would you estimate the odds to be of it happening in the next 200 years?
  • 27 Jan 2014, 06:22
    Thinking about it further, I think I now understand. You're saying the WSJ is being antisemitic, not the people they're quoting.

    I don't think they'd listen to it coming from us, but a…
  • 27 Jan 2014, 06:09
    I'm not noticing it either. Seems to me they *are* being assholes to Jews, but only moreso than anybody else if we happen to be in the way. I think that's gneral-purpose assholery, not…
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