January 8th, 2009

Apollo 4 on column of fire

Who will fold first: Coleman or Reid?

So which is going to give up keeping Al Franken out of the Senate first, Norm Coleman (so he can appear in public without having shoes thrown at him), or FISA-gutting numbskull Harry Reid?— http://tpmelectioncentral.talkingpointsmemo.com/2009/01/frankens_lawyer_ridicules_former_senator_coleman.php

My money is on Reid, because Norm Coleman is a psychopath. Or maybe it’s on Coleman, because he might realize he is being used by his former Republican colleagues as a phallic extension.
Apollo 4 on column of fire

Thom Hartmann is fearmongering

The conspiracy theorist in Thom Hartmann is on display today. Yes, Grover Norquist has explicit plans to break things, but, no, regular Republicans aren’t all in on it; many of them are dupes. And, no, ‘anti-American’ is not a good term to use for Republicans.

(Wannabe-Nazi, sure, although that applies mainly to neocons, and the neocon rhetoric is more like that of World War II-era Japan than that of Hitler.)

(Followup: Alan Greenspan came awfully close to saying that Ayn Rand duped him, didn’t he? Or really more like saying she duped both herself and him.)
Apollo 4 on column of fire

Why do people want to live in a world that is scarier than the actual one?

Thom Hartmann’s recent co-written book on the Kennedy assassination is called ‘Legacy of Secrecy’, in reference to the most thorough and open murder investigation in the history of humankind. Why does Hartmann prefer to live in a world where all is a huge conspiracy full of covered-up assassinations and armies of drooling Grover Norquists? Why does he so badly want us to be in a Second ‘Republican’ Great Depression?

I have heard another liberal talk radio host, Peter B. Collins, say sincerely, in his voiceover-ready tone, that he doesn’t believe a 757 hit the Pentagon. Why does he want to live in a world where big numbers of people either hallucinated an airplane hitting the Pentagon or are part of the conspiracy (Gary Bauer among them)? Who does he think sent in the team of cover-up artists to knock down all those street lamps?

I brought up this topic some time ago with my therapist, and he repeated the usual Common Wisdom that the world is scary and people are trying to deal with that, but I rejected this explanation immediately, pointing out that the world these people are creating is much scarier than the actual world.

Perhaps this is a good topic for psych research.
Apollo 4 on column of fire

A profound pondering

Does Thom Hartmann realize that proclaiming we are in ‘The Second Republican Great Depression’ is a lot like neocons declaring we are in ‘World War III’ (or ‘IV’, or ‘V’, or higher)?

Particularly given that the last time estimate I remember him giving as to how long this recession would last was two years. That’s what really cracks me up, along with the fact that he is trying to obtain glory from more or less the same generation as that which the neocons (and Tom Brokaw) parasitize.