January 25th, 2009

Apollo 4 on column of fire

BuzzFlash is like a baby without its pacifier

A headline seen at BuzzFlash:

Obama Gets His Naive "Bi-Partisan" Baptismal Backfire: "Republicans step up criticism of Obama." Let Rahm Loose to Chew a Few GOP Legs Off!

I do not know whether this headline was written by the big cheese editor, Mark Karlin, but it has his horrific mixed-metaphor style, and in any case the headline is his responsibility. The childishness is one thing, but what I want to know above all is how this childlike person has the gall to call Barack Obama ‘naive’.

This mystery is akin to the mystery of how Frank Rich developed the chutzpah to call President Obama’s choice of Rick Warren ‘tone deaf’. Yes, according to Mark Karlin the African-American who became President four years into his Senate term is ‘naive’, and, according to Frank Rich, the person who managed this electoral feat managed a ‘tone deaf’ inauguration. Do these people even stop to think, occasionally, that they might be naive and that they might be tone deaf?