January 28th, 2009

Apollo 4 on column of fire

A jerk

I think I’ve figured out the point of Ron Kuby’s program, and what makes it better for Air America than Randi Rhodes’s: the point is that Kuby’s a jerk, but you can say it to his face.

(I especially liked when recently Ron Reagan made him sit in a corner facing the wall, for being a jerk. David Bender wasn't as firm but also has scolded Kuby.)
Apollo 4 on column of fire

I finally listened to this promotional on Air America

Some kind of promotional has been running on Air America in which we hear some of the introduction of Kirsten Gillibrand. I just actually listened to it and she refers to dealing with our present ‘budget crisis’.

What ‘budget crisis’? Yes, we have too big a debt, but that is not the crisis. Not a good sign; she sounds like a Republican in that snippet, so I question whether she will adapt well to her Senate job.
Apollo 4 on column of fire

Habitual grousing

Obama gets an overwhelming stimulus-bill victory in the House, and, you watch, people are going to complain that Obama didn’t have the Republicans lined up against a wall and shot, and will quote 100% Republican ‘opposition’ as evidence.

(The large Democratic majority does make it easier for non-insane Republicans to pretend they are insane, which is not entirely a good thing, but it’s not an excuse for Democrats to act like snotty brats.)
Apollo 4 on column of fire

Grousing has commenced

As I just pointed out in a comment at the Perrspectives blog, surely grousing over Obama winning a massive victory on the stimulus bill in the House, but not having simultaneously treated Republicans like dirt, counts as a petty grievance. And supposedly, according to this petty blog posting, Obama is learning a ‘stiff lesson’. No, you numbskull—it means that Barack Obama isn't inclined to make an ass of himself just because he can if he so chooses.

What reality do these people live in? I’m surely afraid of Barack Obama learning hard lessons—I can’t remember anything the guy has said about educating children that didn’t make my stomach churn, this statement to Muslim peoples he made recently was meaningless dribble, and just what in the world is he planning for Iraq and Afghanistan?—but how can a person not have noticed that Obama’s way of conducting politics is, empirically, a huge success? I mean, it’s something that a person just has to stand back from and admire, and then try to explain—but that’s the scientific method, and I guess a lot of people don’t use that approach. They see a huge electoral success and an overwhelming legislative victory and announce that the President is learning a ‘stiff lesson’.
Apollo 4 on column of fire

More of it

Now here’s the Rude Pundit grousing over Barack Obama’s stunning success: http://rudepundit.blogspot.com/2009/01/regarding-motherfuckers-republican.html

I don’t even bother reading these things anymore. I see at the top that Republicans are some kind of sexual deviant and at the bottom that Barack Obama is getting a stiff lesson and then shove the posting into the virtual trash bin.

Here’s a message for lefty bloggers: Barack Obama won. Get over it.
Apollo 4 on column of fire

How BuzzFlash congratulates President Obama for a huge win in the House

BuzzFlash.com: What is "Bipartisanship" Worth with the GOP? Absolutely Nothing: "House passes stimulus plan, but with no Republican votes."

I wonder if Buzz would like to join Ralph Nader by calling the victorious Obama an Uncle Tom.

Obama did make a good impression with non-insane Republicans, whose votes weren’t necessary, but whose votes may become necessary one day, who knows when; and who knows when the insane leadership will be gone. Of course for the current package there’s still the Senate, which is going to be harder, but today Obama was the winner once again.

This is one of those post-election periods when my reading habits change because I have moved on in some way. BuzzFlash has never been a great place for opinion, however, anyway; PM Carpenter is capable of intelligent discussion, but Buzz Major writes like a blustery teenage boy. I go there for the news links.