January 29th, 2009

Apollo 4 on column of fire

Rachel Maddow, too

Rachel Maddow also groused about Barack Obama getting a big victory without also making unnecessary enemies.

That really hurts, because she supposedly has a ‘D Phil’ in public policy; I’m waiting for the big growth that hasn’t occurred. There’s something missing. It just doesn’t take a poli-sci student to see that the impressions Obama makes are for long-term gain, and that it doesn’t matter much that Obama makes concessions in exchange for votes he’s not going to get anyway; so why can’t the poli-sci student see that? Does she think we can shove Republicans into a rocket ship and launch them into space? Does she think that Democrats would be any more successful with steamrolling than the Republicans have been? Also, lately she’s been trending back towards her frustrating habit of not getting to the point, or repeating a trivial point many times in a display of pride.

I’m thinking of how Randi Rhodes was so put back by DeLay Republicans miscalling the results of voice votes, as if she had never witnessed Tip O’Neill doing the same thing. Selective memory, I guess, with damage to the ability to self-reflect.

We dodged the bullet. The wannabe Nazis were just wannabes. There is no need to steamroll anyone. Bush never wanted to bomb Iran, and he probably never dreamed of canceling the election. Tom DeLay is little but an indicted ex-congressman.