February 4th, 2009

Apollo 4 on column of fire

Democratic commentators continue to spit in Barack Obama's offered palm

BuzzFlash Mark Karlin (or someone under him) imagines Republicans snickering, and this fantasy eats away at his ego: ‘Gregg Causes Further Damage to Obama. He Will Recuse Himself from Voting on Stimulus Bill After "Claiming" to Support It. Obama Got Nothing But a Milton Friedman Hardliner for Secretary of Commerce and Nothing in Return. The Republicans Must be Snickering in the Senate Cloak Rooms.’

Brad Friedman, meanwhile, linked to by Mr. Karlin, advises the Democrats to be a gang of pricks: ‘Brad Blog: Filibuster Math: Dems Should Not Seat Gregg's Replacement (Until Franken is Seated First); With only 98 Senators seated, the number needed to hold off GOP obstructionism drops to 59.’

Sam Seder, I am sad to say, although not being such a putz, and not spitting in Obama’s hand, is panicky that the sky is falling because of this Gregg appointment and the prospect—oh, heavens to Betsy!—that the stimulus bill will be—get ready for it—debated!
Apollo 4 on column of fire


I’m still reeling from the prospect, espoused by BradBlog, that the Democrats deny New Hampshire a senator as payback for Norm Coleman exercising his legal right to be a schmuck and for the state of Minnesota (along with most of its citizens, I imagine) being in no especial hurry to seat a senator.

Great work, Brad, that’s just what Minnesota Democrats need right now, a pissed-off Republican-leaning faction of the electorate. You putz.

People are getting on my nerves.
Apollo 4 on column of fire


Jon Elliot just declared Barack Obama ‘back on track’ and declared today on balance a good day. :)

For this day, at least, he is my favorite radio talk guy.