February 9th, 2009

Apollo 4 on column of fire

Buffoon Watch

In a comment to a BuzzFlash editorial piece, someone asked whether Freepers had taken over BuzzFlash. I seconded the sentiment, noting that I voted to restore our government, not to take over the Republican-style government.
Apollo 4 on column of fire


Although I really don’t like to wait until I run a program to learn that I’m mixing types incorrectly (which is a damn, damn, damn common programming error), moving PDF generation from OCaml to Python seems to have been a good idea—and I am learning how PDFs are made. It seems to be a fairly sensible format, perhaps not unlike what I might have designed; it reminds me a little bit of my implementation of queues for Cross/400 (an AS/400-to-normal-computer migration system).

Without terribly hurting my hands, I have been able to make a one-page document with the message ‘ABC’, using unembedded PostScript core fonts, and the code is fairly well structured for one-pass generation.
Apollo 4 on column of fire

What I wish for

I wish that Thom Hartmann breaking up with Air America means that he won’t be streamed on Air America, and instead they’ll stream someone who doesn’t believe that the least covered-up murder in the history of humankind was actually covered up effectively by Robert F. Kennedy and the FBI, averting World War III. On the other hand, this way I have more incentive to listen to LiveIreland.

Or, as presently, to the high-pitched tinnitus that follows me everywhere.
Question mark

A big question mark

A lot of people seem to think that Barack Obama promised to reveal all state secrets from the Bush administration. I don’t remember ever hearing or reading anything of the sort. Am I deaf or something? Also I notice that these people who hear some phantom Obama tend to split the matter into do-or-don’t. Remind me, please; wasn’t that what Bush used to do?

There was a time when other people seemed not to hear what I heard. For instance, they did not hear Hillary Clinton say that she and Obama would be ‘fine’ once the primaries were over; there were days I began to doubt that promise, but I did hear it and she did keep her word, scrupulously. And I think that, after getting bombing-of-Iran wrong (likely because he misunderestimated Bush relative to Cheney), Scott Ritter also will be wrong when he assures us that Hillary Clinton will fail in her job; but we’ll see.

Parenthetically related: It is interesting that the two appointments Obama has made of big-name politicians whom I would not like to see appointed—Bill Richardson and Tom Daschle—both got dashed on the rocks. Apparently the gods are using me as a spokesperson.

Oh, wait, that’s Rush Limbaugh ...