February 23rd, 2009

Apollo 4 on column of fire

Ohmigod, I ignore the Republicans for just one or two days, and now this

One GOP senator says publicly that Justice Ginsburg is going to die soon, and another hints that Barack Obama may not be a citizen of the US.

These people are disgusting, but I’ll tell you that they really aren’t just ‘bad’, but that they are ‘stupid’ as well. You take, for instance, Bob ‘Get Off My Phone!’ Grant: this simpleton mistook the state flag of Ohio for an Obama-dictatorship flag, because it had a big ‘O’ on it. The man made a jackass of himself, and do you think he would have done that had he not actually been afraid Obama would make himself dictator? Hell, no; these people are as dumb as a piece of burnt toast and live in a scary, imaginary universe that makes D&D look quaint.
Apollo 4 on column of fire


Trying to rebuild Unicon on Kristy’s machine, using my ebuild script for it, fails weirdly. This is too much my experience with Unicon; it is too flaky for me to bother with it, given that I almost always write in pure or nearly pure Icon. So I am switching back to good old Icon 9.4, which is frozen solid and is very close to the pure Icon part of Unicon (but not as much hacked on).

However, it does not include my context switch code for AMD64, which is included in Unicon; thus I may supply a patch for the Gentoo ebuild. Otherwise on AMD64 you get inefficient context switching by multithreading.
Apollo 4 on column of fire

Something nice about Ron Kuby

It’s nice to learn that Ron Kuby had the sense to finish high school by not going to it. This was the secret to my success, too – particularly given how awful my high school was. (In our school district they cared about you up until age 14, and then for some reason they didn’t give a damn anymore. It was weird.)

Kuby probably had more trouble in college than I did, though. :)