March 3rd, 2009

Apollo 4 on column of fire

More disconcertedness

It bothers me that a lot of people, who in the past would have lauded a good old Paul Wellstone filibuster, now are calling for an end to the filibuster. Habitual Federalist-reciter Thom Hartmann is one of them. The hypocrisy isn’t just bothersome, but sickening.

My view: Even when the Republicans had control of the Senate, there were more Americans represented in the Senate by Democrats. The Senate is a very ‘undemocratic’ institution, so better it be slow and difficult than giving it the capacity of tyranny by the likes of Trent ‘Segregation Forever!’ Lott or Mitch ‘Cabbage Patch’ McConnell.

But my view isn’t the point here; rather, I am talking about the ‘convenient’ rationalizations of others such as Hartmann.
Apollo 4 on column of fire


I’ve got my machine running on blazing-fast ext4 filesystems, freshly made by formatting partitions and copying the old content into the new vessels. However, now I am on to the second phase, which is to do a fresh Gentoo installation into logical volumes.

I’ve chosen ext4 for all the filesystems except /tmp, for which I am using xfs, and /home, for which I am using jfs. I made /tmp really, really big and formatted it xfs because it is fast with big files, supposedly; thus I can have GIMP use /tmp for its tile caches, which can be quite large. I chose jfs for /home because I am a packrat and have enormous amounts of stuff in my personal account, and likely will need to expand that space; a jfs filesystem is very, very easy to expand.

(xfs originated at Silicon Graphics, and jfs at IBM. If Microsoft has a sense of humanity then perhaps there would be a Linux version of ntfs, so that we could come to appreciate its true advantages, but instead we are just thankful not to be using FAT.)