March 4th, 2009

Apollo 4 on column of fire

Tired of it

Probably, if I still were using KDE3 instead of KDE4, I wouldn’t feel this way, but in fact I do. I think I’m going to switch to ROX. I used ROX-Filer’s pinboard as my desktop for many years, and it was okay; as a file manager it may even be called superior. The main hindrance is a relative lack of Gentoo support, though there does seem to be a project. And fluxbox integrates with ROX somewhat.

What I might say about both the GNOME and KDE projects is that they change too much from version to version.
Apollo 4 on column of fire

Begala and Carville

I may agree that Paul Begala was harming the nation as whathisface said, and have more respect for Paul Begala than for James Carville, but their Operation Limbaugh is a wonderful piece of art, and they didn’t have to distort or lie or do anything untoward to make it happen.

The operation began, apparently, in October when polling showed that Satan was three times as popular as Rush Limbaugh.