March 12th, 2009

Apollo 4 on column of fire

The car radio

I went to psychotherapy today and so was entertained by the car radio instead of the Air America stream; thus I listened to different shows than usual. On the way to therapy, Ed Schultz was on and sounded very like a liberal, though I know that this must have been a ruse, given that Mike Malloy assures us that his more successful colleague Ed Schultz is not a liberal.

Headed from therapy to the supermarket, the radio carried a delayed broadcast of the Thom Hartmann show. I turned the radio off to avoid listening to Thom wonder whether Ken Lay was murdered by the one of Dick Cheney’s assassination squads in the course of CIA domestic espionage. I assume this is where he was going, because he was doing the juxtaposition of apparently unrelated facts that is so common in conspiracy theory, plus he warned us ahead of time that he might be engaging in conspiracy theorism.

(Driving made my leg start hurting much again, but that’s a separate story. WRT Hartmann, about the only ‘conspiracy’ he wonders about that I also wonder about is whether Bush-Cheney were involved in the anthrax murders.)
Apollo 4 on column of fire

Trainwreck II

By the way, Air America Radio, which Mr. Malloy assured us was, unlike Nova M, hurtling towards a brick wall, has signed Montel Williams for the late morning show. You might have heard of him.

Lionel (Michael LeBron) is going to be rescheduled somehow, making space for Mr. Williams. Perhaps he’ll be webcasting from the Air America break room while people wander in and out, as Marc Maron and Sam Seder are doing.