March 21st, 2009

Apollo 4 on column of fire

Ballpark reviews

Paul Goldberger lauds Yankee Stadium and trashes Bloodsucker Field:

The result was I wanted to know more about Paul Goldberger. It seems he is an Upper West Sider born in North Jersey:

Definitely the person you want to compare the Bronx Bombers’ new Harlem River-hugging ballpark with the Mets’ new home. No chance at all that this guy has an ingrained prejudice for one franchise over the other, or for one type of location for a ballpark instead of another. I’m sure he’d have the same opinions if he were born in Flushing and lived in Hempstead.

Adding a twist to his wisdom, he faults the Mets’ stadium for recalling the National League’s former urban New York settings, while at the same time faulting the stadium for being located in the Mets’s own traditional park-like environment.
Apollo 4 on column of fire

The dilemma

If Barack Obama were to ask for or accept Timothy Geithner’s resignation, he would reinforce the very type of quick-results thinking that has helped create our general, overall mess in this country and in the world. A person would be afraid to do the slow and steady, due to the getting-fired this would cause. Yet this firing is exactly what many critics who complain about short-term thinking in a long-term mess are calling for.

Perhaps Mr. Geithner needs assistance, however, and it is worth noting that right now, because it is so early in Mr. Obama’s term and offices haven’t been filled, Geithner really doesn’t have all the assistance he would need for full effectiveness. But there also are such people as special consultants, and so forth.

It doesn’t help much that Paul Krugman out there saying we have nothing to fear except total, nearly inevitable doom, rather than ‘fear itself’.

One horn of the dilemma is the possibility of incompetent leadership, the other is summary firing. The latter would be giving in to fear itself. Let us stay with the possibly not fully competent leadership and, fearing not our fear that we will fail, let us see if we can make the questionable system work.