April 17th, 2009

Apollo 4 on column of fire


I think a lot of people are being prejudiced by the earlier reports that Obama might not release this report he just released, so that the reactions to Obama’s non-prosecutory attitude actually is built upon a negative reaction to those earlier reports.

This is an old problem. When we get new information, such as that Obama did release the report, sanity requires that, before making a new judgment, we return to the earlier state in which we had not heard that the report might be suppressed. It takes effort and practice to do that, but too few people even know of this need, and so blunder on unsanely.

We’ve actually made a major step forward, with Obama’s help, but too many are not benefitting from recognition of the improvement.

Also, with this griping about indemnifying torturing criminals with taxpayer dollars – I’m sorry, but we are the government and these torturers are our responsibility. Shut up and write the check. It is annoying to hear Nicole Sandler (filling in on AAR) complaining about paying to indemnify our government fiends – our fiends – just days after she killed a cat by releasing her dogs to (she thought) chase it off. She killed that cat and it is her responsibility. (Do not think my analogy means that torturers are as blameless as dogs – it is not meant to extend that far.)

(Almost forgot: I was never convinced that the high-level resistance to releasing the report, especially from Leon Panetta, wasn’t mostly an act.)
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