May 6th, 2009

Apollo 4 on column of fire

Oh, damn

I like his honesty, but really wish he’d been telling a joke:

That’s actually the sort of humor Al Franken often employs; often his guests didn’t realize he was joking. I’m not even sure Bill Clinton realized when Franken was joking and when he wasn’t, during their interview. :)

Seriously, at his age, it is to be expected that Specter will take a while to adjust. That’s just an unfortunate biological fact, and he may never adjust completely.
Apollo 4 on column of fire

The Microsoft Bubble?

Microsoft’s continuing inability to produce a working web browser has me thinking that the company is more hollow on the inside than the psychopaths who run it are letting on. It smells very fishy.

Even IE8 reports as – get this – a ‘Firefox document’!. This is ridiculous, and, even though works with IE and is essentially an exact duplicate of the main pages, I continue to refuse to make HTML4 the default. There is no money in it for me, so I can afford to do this.

(The latest version of Safari wouldn’t work with crudfactory, but that was due to non-conforming XML in my webpage code, and thus Safari told me exactly where the problems were and what types of problems they were. That’s what I want to happen. Unfortunately the code validators at the W3 Consortium website aren’t always complete in what they check, but I’ll remember to try Safari on everything from now on.)