June 4th, 2009

Apollo 4 on column of fire

Observations on Montel Williams

Where Rush Limbaugh is concerned, Montel Williams is irresponsibly loose with the word ‘treason’ and (like many others) loses the ability to understand simple English. I am not afraid to defend Rush Limbaugh in this; he may be a Big Fat Idiot, but also he speaks relatively clearly.

And, on the subject of health care, Montel Williams is a sanctimonious prick who confuses issues.

(Williams is going to have to work on his abuse of the work ‘treason’ if he wishes to catch up with Keith Olbermann. I may be quicker to use the word than many people are – I accept that the Felonious Five committed a sort of ethical treason, for instance – but I’m nowhere near Williams and Olbermann.)