July 1st, 2009

Apollo 4 on column of fire

Yay! It's published

I see that Igino Marini http://ikern.com/k1/the-tool/ has nicely published on his algorithm for autospacing and autokerning. This puts an end to my misgivings about his methods – that he wasn’t going to share them with the world. Excellent! And maybe it’s better he offer iKern as a service than publish binary-only code.

I, myself, like to have full control, and so will continue to use my semi-automated spacing and kerning system that is handled by diverting FontForge’s named base-to-mark anchors to another task. There isn’t any real math to it. Essentially I have to tell my programs how close to let things get to the various parts of a letter, and then they fit letters together as tightly as possible (although there is also support for special cases in case the method fails in a given instance). Spacing and kerning are handled more or less together, and most accented letters are handled automatically.

(It gets a bit complicated for italic fonts, unfortunately.)