July 29th, 2009

Apollo 4 on column of fire

The problem with New Jersey

I just heard Rob Andrews describe New Jersey as (in my paraphrase) lots of little, divided fiefdoms. I think Jack Rice was asking about the corruption, but I missed that part, due to pulling a UPS package into the house. Anyway, this view of New Jersey confirmed my own observation as a New Jerseyite turned Minnesotan.

The Minneapolis-Saint Paul metro is made up of lots of municipalities, but they are regarded in the psychology of the people as members of a big family (even though Michele Bachmann currently represents a bunch of them in Congress). Your library card is good anywhere, and we have (at least the last time I checked) the largest local calling area in the country. It’s really huge.

OTOH the movie ‘Fargo’ also has its observations – if you want warmth and expression then New Jersey is a better choice – and, yes, the weather really is a constant preoccupation.
Apollo 4 on column of fire


I wonder if eight years of Bushism has led to people forgetting how a functioning Congress works. It is alarming how panicky many people are getting about the healthcare bill that doesn’t yet exist – the process is proceeding normally. This is how our Congress works, when you don’t have Tom DeLay ramming things down your throat at three in the morning, or Nancy Pelosi tiptoeing around a volatile maniac. Media are contributing to the panic, but I wonder if the media have forgotten, too.