August 4th, 2009

Apollo 4 on column of fire

The worst cluster headache in years

I woke up to a reminder that cluster headache is reputed to be the strongest pain experienced by humans. It felt like someone was running a needle and thread back and forth through my left eye; I had forgotten how bad it can get, and yet I’m pretty sure I used to get it even worse. Maybe it’s just that I had fewer surges of maximum pain than in the past.

Since then I’ve been dealing with severe light sensitivity. Very interestingly, light in the right eye provoked severe pain in the left eye.

Two Imitrex, an Advil, a cup of tea (how I succeeded in making it I don’t know), and most of a (Kristy-made) pot of coffee later, I’m now able to hold my right eye open long enough to type something.

I’m going to take another Advil and finish that coffee right now. (Coffee doesn’t sit right with me, but Kristy doesn’t have experience making tea. :) Actually it now occurs to me that I have infusers about as easy to handle as teabags.)
Apollo 4 on column of fire

Oh, what a day ...

The attacks kept coming, though only milder ones. Then the coffee-and-Advil belly ache came; I normally don’t drink coffee on account of that. Gave it up years ago.