August 20th, 2009

Apollo 4 on column of fire

Mooch my font, take three

The first time I had it set up to download the screenshot of the font, not the dang font itself, and the second time I screwed up so badly that I erased from the universe all trace of what I had done, but the following should take you to where you can download the dang font:

All you need for most English is there, though only the lowercase has been carefully spaced and kerned (which tends not to be such a problem for routine use).
Apollo 4 on column of fire

Now is not then

I wanted to know why today it is hard to imagine the Democrats not passing some kind of major healthcare initiative, whereas in 1993 the whole thing fizzled out. So I thought, well, the initiative was something Bill Clinton wanted to create, but it just wasn’t all that popular. So I thought some more, and remembered that at the time the problem being discussed was that there were so many uninsured, and the underlying reason why reform wasn’t very popular was that the uninsured were both numerically and socially a minority.

OTOH now the main problem is that the healthcare is too damn expensive and the country is going to go bankrupt, unless we do something.
Apollo 4 on column of fire

Obama vs. Grassley

I clicked off the Nicole Sandler show, because she started screaming at President Obama, because, apparently, he said nice things about Charles Grassley today. Being mired in anxiety to start with, I don’t handle negative vibes well. But Obama saying nice things about Charles Grassley I do like.

If Obama keeps on praising Grassley’s bipartisanship in public, by October we will be liable to see Chuck Grassley standing in front of the White House bearing one of those ‘Hitler gave great speeches, too’ signs, or wearing an AK-47 in downtown Des Moines.

(I did similar screaming when Obama praised Reagan, until someone pointed out that it was more accurately a put-down of Bill Clinton. It was convenient just then for Obama if Bill lost his temper, which he did, and so did Hillary. Since then I pay closer attention.)