August 22nd, 2009

Apollo 4 on column of fire

Nino speech

Can anyone find some information about that speaking engagement a good many years ago in which Antonin Scalia said something like that it didn’t really matter if innocent people were executed, because it would all get sorted out in the ‘afterlife’?
band-aid tooth

Getting rid of the knots

People may know that I deal with what I guess is a nasty trigger point in my right leg – basically a tense little knot in a muscle – and this is a real problem for me. It is the main reason I use a cane sometimes, to keep my gait more balanced.

Medical interventions in cases of trigger points are, for instance, poking into the thing with a long needle and injecting a little procaine or something, or variations on the idea of ripping the thing apart. I have had hopes to lose this thing instead gradually and gently, by Feldenkrais Method.

My doubts about this pursuit were reduced considerably on Friday. What happened is I went for my session and my teacher brought up the subject of a little spot on my back where I had been sensitive, and where it felt sort of like there was a knot or kink along my spine. I had forgotten about it! It had been getting better so gradually that I didn’t even notice it was gone (or at least much reduced).
Apollo 4 on column of fire

What I think

I think Barack Obama should hold regular press conferences. They can’t all be on ordinary TV but they can all be on the C-SPANs and Internet.

No tire swinging, however.

I think Barack Obama should wipe out everyone’s memory of what has gone on so far, propose price regulations for health insurance and related industries, and then accept public option as a compromise with Congress. (Note I do not say ‘with the Republicans’. Democrats in Congress are allowed to have a function other than the BuzzFlash-Bushist rubberstamping of Obama-written bills; they even are allowed to agree with Republicans on some things.)