September 8th, 2009

Apollo 4 on column of fire

Okay, Richard Greene is a plain old nut

Richard Greene just said he doesn’t think it was a 757 that hit the Pentagon.

It seems to me it would be simple for an AAR host simply to call Gary Bauer to come onto the show and describe what he saw that day. Or perhaps Mr. Greene thinks that the Pentagon is in some hideaway in Wyoming, where no one sees what happens.

(Greene asks for security camera shots of some sort, like from a gas station, presumably unaware that the 757 was caught by a couple of the Pentagon’s parking lot security cameras, but that you can’t see much because the damn thing was moving like a rocket. Anyone even thinking for a moment that a security camera could do better ought to go see how poorly a seemingly very good security camera captured the Minneapolis bridge collapse, which was much, much slower than a jetliner with the metaphorical accelerator pedal floored. Anyone who thinks the Pentagon has Star Trek-like or James-Bond-like security equipment is badly misinformed on account of movies and TV.)