September 17th, 2009

Apollo 4 on column of fire

My dismay

I am dismayed (a) that so many people are surprised or upset that the healthcare bill process is taking so long and (b) that Max Baucus has wasted that time doodling crayon markings on the bill. I mean, seriously, regardless of whatever Obama has done well or poorly, (a) is a result of (b), and (b) is a result of Max Baucus being an incompetent doofus.

Just consider this: Jay Rockefeller is practically Mr. Healthcare Reform. I remember how, back in 1993, Jay Rockefeller was the guy who did the talk shows on behalf of healthcare reform. Jay Rockefeller is on the Finance Committee. Jay Rockefeller chairs Finance’s healthcare subcommittee. Naturally, Mr. Baucus, when doing the sketches for his crayoned masterpiece, consulted heavily with Jay Rockefeller. Oh, wait, he didn’t do that; indeed, I have it on good authority that Jay Rockefeller can’t even remember what Max Baucus looks like.

Please, at least can’t people distinguish between Max Baucus and ‘The Democrats’? The latter are a political coalition; the former is a Walt Disney character.

It makes matters worse that Max Baucus's interference was widely predicted ahead of time, but his nonsense caused panic nevertheless.
Apollo 4 on column of fire

Facts about my life

1. I do weight training every day when I lift myself out of bed.

b. I plan to visit the moon as soon as one can get there by transporter.

ii. I want to go into a restaurant that serves mahi-mahi and ask for the dolphin.