October 22nd, 2009

Apollo 4 on column of fire

Long live the 2nd Amendment!

Given that the 2nd Amendment says its purpose is to defend the nation, the President should get together a militia to disarm all those people who claim they have guns as defense against supposed government tyranny.

It’s the sort of thing George Washington might have done. Well, he’d probably need a little more provocation, an actual insurrection, but it wouldn’t have to be a big one. :)
Apollo 4 on column of fire

What's up?

Brent Budowsky has been posting every 5 minutes (an exaggeration) and was practically radiating gamma rays on the Ed Show.

Meanwhile, he continues to badmouth Barack Obama without mentioning his own early support for Fantasy Obama. It’s like George W. Bush bemoaning that all those terrible things that happened during his residency. I am annoyed.

Brent’s fellow Hill-blogger Armstrong Williams recently did something more humorous: he posted an entry about how Barack Obama brainwashed people into voting for him, but without mentioning that Williams himself voted for Obama. However, at least once in the moderately recent past Williams has mentioned his vote and expressed a bit of buyer’s remorse.

Meanwhile, I am with those who think the history books will not say a lot about the fireworks and screaming matches of the last several months, except perhaps to say that the opponents of healthcare reform experienced backlash. :)