November 4th, 2009

Apollo 4 on column of fire

The magic of Ralph Nader

Ralph Nader, amazingly, can say things that are right and true and with which I agree, and have the result be that I want nothing more than to punch him in the nose, kick him in the balls, and pelt him with peanuts while he squirms on the floor. I have never witnessed anyone, other than a parent or teacher, so inclined to motivate a person by badmouthing him or her.

Ralph Nader is what I thoroughly detest about school.

Of course, in a lawsuit court, his skill in vituperation was wondrous and good. But now he wonders why people don’t want to associate with him, even as he badmouths them viciously.

I love the man but I also hate him.
Apollo 4 on column of fire

Why Ralph Nader is better than a curmudgeon

Ralph Nader tries to motivate people by badmouthing them. He works contrary to his goal and gets reverse results. (His being a son of a bitch was useful in his earlier career and his reputation is based upon his accomplishments then.)

A curmudgeon, on the other hand, badmouths people with the goal, conscious or not, of making the listener or reader feel awful. I’ll take Ralph Nader over Alexander Cockburn, for instance.