November 6th, 2009

Apollo 4 on column of fire

To Ralph Nader, everything is a lawsuit

Listening to Ralph Nader recently, and reflecting now upon what he said, it occurs to me that Ralph Nader treats ‘everything’ like a lawsuit.

There he was, indicting Yoko Ono, accusing Gloria Steinem, and so on, of not doing this and not doing that in support of liberal causes. All that was missing was the monetary judgment and the payment; the judgment never comes down, because there is no judge or jury; the payment never is made, because, instead of appealing to good will and reason, Ralph Nader has viciously denounced the potential payer.

What a jerk. Were I the potential payer, I’d want to withhold my payment so I could use it to buy Ralph Nader dartboards for all the saloons in the Twin Cities. I hope Yoko Ono does that.
Apollo 4 on column of fire

More about the counterproductivity of Ralph Nader

I had meant to but forgot to mention what I think of as Ralph Nader’s greatest late-in-life accomplishment: As a consequence of Nader’s efforts to build a national third-party movement, Noam Chomsky endorsed weaseling Iraq-invasion supporter John Kerry for president.

(Mind you, I think that was a good thing, but surely it was not Nader’s goal.)