November 24th, 2009

Apollo 4 on column of fire

Adrenaline junkies

I’m starting to think there is such a thing as an adrenaline junkie. Last night I heard a fast-talking cable-TV demagogue instantly convince someone of the virtues of a regulated private healthcare industry, when I have been talking about the same thing for some time – but without also supplying an adrenaline rush. Indeed, there must be endless examples of people who were happy with Obama before the election for the same things they are now unhappy with about him, now that he no longer also supplies an adrenaline rush. Half-ass healthcare reform – it was great before the election, but now it sucks. Escalation of military activity in southwestern Asia? It used to mean ‘Getting out of Iraq!’, but now it comes without an adrenaline rush. ‘Where is the change?’ we hear; it more accurately means ‘Where is the adrenaline?’

Obama definitely and dramatically has stopped giving lots of people the pleasurable adrenaline he used to give them. For me, this is an improvement. The question becomes how to achieve liberal change while also dealing with the problem of political adrenaline addiction. A traditional approach has been to harness the adrenaline and rally a mob – the memory of Paul Wellstone has become like the memory of Che Guevarra, for this approach – but, seriously, we cannot keep on doing things this way. History will endlessly repeat itself, while the climate melts down and destroys our civilization.
Apollo 4 on column of fire

Brent Budowsky just said ...

... on the Ron Reagan show, with Nicole Sandler subbing, that Max Baucus has been acting true to what he believes. It’s like I’ve suggested for a while: Baucus is doing his job. It’s just a stupid job. :)

People who say they voted for Democrats not to do what Baucus has been doing are, in all but a few cases, people who did not vote for Max Baucus. That’s not how our system works. Instead, we have Max Baucus powerfully representing a tiny minority of Americans. It sucks, but that’s how we are set up – and it is better for us than are most alternatives.

And people ought to keep in mind that the Senate’s self-proclaimed ‘democratic socialist’, Bernie Sanders, represents an even smaller number of people. It sucks; Bernie Sanders is too powerful. But that’s what we have to work with.
Apollo 4 on column of fire

I want Herb the board operator's job so I can get paid for ROTFL

Air America’s Richard Greene, the self-proclaimed communications expert who a day or two ago lambasted the Democrats for using ‘jargon’ such as ‘public option’ – supposedly a violation of Communications 101 – has written a children’s book entitled ‘E=mc^2 and the New Definition of God’.

(I could get a free copy for review, and then tell him my opinion, but this guy is too ignorant and foolish to be curtailed.)