November 29th, 2009

Apollo 4 on column of fire

Dennis Kucinich's address to the presently uninsurable

I, Dennis Kucinich, brackets, congressman of Ohio, end brackets, do hereby convey my sincere fraternal and sisterly greetings to you, the uninsurable, on this, the occasion of your martyrdom. Your death will stand as a landmark in the continuing struggle to liberate the parent land from the hands of the fatcat insurance executives, excluding those concerned with drainage, medicine, roads, housing, education, viniculture and any other insurance executives contributing to the welfare of Americans of both sexes and hermaphrodites. Signed, on behalf of Dennis Kucinich, etc. And I'd just like to add, on a personal note, my own admiration, for what you're doing for us, O uninsurable Americans, on what must be, after all, for you a very difficult time.
Apollo 4 on column of fire

Why I am losing respect for Dennis Kucinich

BuzzFlash links to this Nicholas Kristof op-ed with the line ‘Will Senators in the Pocket of Insurance Companies Let John Die? Looks Like It’:

But BuzzFlash reads the article with a bias. Everything Kristof says applies just as well to Dennis Kucinich, only his excuses are different. I liken the situation to the crucifixion of Brian, because the Romans may have fastened Brian to the cross, but the People’s Front of Judaea left him to die for the cause; Kucinich is the People’s Front in this story, and readily you will find him speaking as if on behalf of the very ailing people whose deaths he would allow in his twilight struggle against economic exploiters.

That one night of ruined mood was just the beginning. I have yet to hear this sourpuss talk about healthcare without launching himself into a tirade against rapacious capitalists. Hey, I don’t like them, either, Dennis, but shut your spittle-spraying face.