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December 3rd, 2009

Jack Rice (who is heading for Afghanistan after the show) just gave that breast cancer screening report as an example of a non-‘politicized’ process.

I think Randi Rhodes is going to back and on right after Jack, bringing paranoia back into the issue. :)

I’ve gotta head to the head shrinker’s office now ...

Hmm ...

Hmm ... Generally speaking, Randi Rhodes sounded clearer-headed today than did Jack Rice, talking mainly about Afghanistan. And Randi said she wasn’t interested in talking to people who are in denial about what Obama promised us in Afghanistan.

I’ve started listening to Randi again, obviously. I sure hope she stays off of a couple of topics: (a) the (non-existent) Clinton conspiracy against her; (b) the (non-existent) Coleman conspiracy against Al Franken, who had it coming (and who just happens to have made her a national figure). I guess also I’d like it if she stayed off the topic of the (non-existent) Bushist conspiracy against breast exams.

She spoke to Joe Sestak, who said people wouldn’t like to hear what he had to say, which is that he thought the Afghanistan situation was tractable. He estimate 3 to 5 years, but, like I, felt he wasn’t getting enough information from the president.

Jack Rice is going to Afghanistan as I write and plans to report from the back of a Humvee. It is guaranteed he’ll come back supposedly the more certain that just getting out is the best thing to do – in other words, he won’t be made any more or less certain – but I definitely do want his eyewitness testimony. He’s going to Kandahar.

(Actually I missed parts of both shows, due mainly to head shrinkage, but usually Rice just does essentially the same hour three times over. :) )

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