December 15th, 2009

Apollo 4 on column of fire

Another day, another guarantee of disappointment

These aren’t the exact words except where noted, but what a caller to Stephanie Miller said first was that people like myself, who say get the healthcare bill done so ‘poor people’ (his words) can get insurance, are using that as a scare tactic to push a non-progressive bill.

Second, and these definitely aren’t the exact words but it is what they meant, the Democrats should scrap their current healthcare efforts, start over again, and this time use magic to spread healthcare fairy dust over the entire country.

Personally, if the current healthcare efforts fail, I hope that that caller loses his insurance and can’t get individual insurance. I hope the same thing happens to Dennis Kucinich, Howie Klein, Nicole Sandler, and whoever else it takes to reach a tipping point.
The Surgeons: Nip ’n Tuck

My head just spun 360

I was just thinking about something that made my head spin.

Nicole Sandler, who has been hosting the late night show on Air America for some months now, but without a contract or health benefits, gets her insurance through COBRA that is running out. Now, she is a single mother with a kid who is insured through the SCHIP program, I think, which she went through hell to obtain quickly, after discovering her daughter had been dropped a while back from prior insurance without notification or with notification that got lost. So, obviously Nicole is someone responsible about her family’s healthcare, and not some teabagging moocher who wants to go without insurance; and she is someone who needs a guarantee of getting insurance ASAP. Oh, did I forget to mention that last year she had a malignant melanoma removed? And that she just turned 50? Though I suppose maybe the rates might not go up until the year you turn 51, but that’s if you can get the insurance at all; and the new year is just about to start, anyway.

So, I’m thinking, this person in particular has a lot riding on whether Barack Obama succeeds in getting watered-down healthcare, but instead, head-spinningly, she has been lauding Dennis Kucinich, who would let her worry and die rather than give tax money to insurance companies, and she generally has been with those who express a feeling that Barack Obama has betrayed them on healthcare. I say it’s Kucinich who has betrayed them – or will be doing so, if he persists in his petulance.

OT: I wonder what deal Joe Lieberman has lined up for his retirement?
Apollo 4 on column of fire

My head continues to spin, or is it the world that is spinning?

I’m still getting vertigo from imagining being against Obama’s watered-down healthcare while having my COBRA soon to run out. All this time it had seemed to me as if my having Medicare made it too easy to support a weak bill, when in fact it was the other way around. I’d be desperate for any bill at all if I were about to be uninsured and uninsurable. (I’ve been the latter for decades.)
Apollo 4 on column of fire

A pet peeve

Pet peeve: President Obama starting a sentence with ‘Look ...’ It’s a rather cold and off-putting way to try to focus attention; Obama seems lost in another world, sometimes. I want something more like Bill Clinton in a placid mood, using softer, more enveloping words such as ‘understand’ and ‘from my point of view’.

Now suddenly I want to have an affair with Bill Clinton.

To get my mind off that, here’s what’s not a pet peeve: Squatter Bush starting a sentence with ‘See ...’ When he says that it means light entertainment is about to commence.
Apollo 4 on column of fire

That's a new one

Now I have encountered the complaint that Barack Obama is pushing wishy-washy healthcare reform to establish a positive personal legacy. Maybe I’m wrong, but don’t presidents generally establish a positive legacy by doing things that were good? I wonder if some people are afraid that Obama will establish a positive legacy, in the process showing that their ideals were unattainable or wrong.

This is one thing I try not to get wrong in my own life. When someone says such and such has to happen, I try to ask in return, What are you going to do when that doesn’t happen? Because ideals often are unattainable and should be put aside.

This is where Jesus says something about birdseed, or maybe warns people not to give rice to the pigeons.

(The problem with Bush Minor wasn’t that he was trying to establish a positive legacy, but that he was doing it so hopelessly and so lamely.)