December 17th, 2009

Apollo 4 on column of fire

It is not a giveaway to health insurance fiends

Here are details, explaining that what we are getting is not a giveaway to fatcats, but a costly social welfare program:

But really all you need to know, I think, is how hard the affected companies have fought to ditch this healthcare reform effort. Even when you hear champagne corks popping, it stands to reason that the corporate bigwigs are celebrating relief from a threat, not reception of a gift. When have you known defense contractors to try to sink a war; what aerospace contractors deluged Congress with lobbyists trying to eliminate NASA?

I hope Bernie Sanders is just trying to set us up for conference committee negotiations, when he says he’s leaning towards a no vote – because it would be kind of odd, don’t you think, for a ‘democratic socialist’ to vote against establishing healthcare for people of all ages as a national institution.
Apollo 4 on column of fire

My e-mail to Rude Pundit (WARNING: I make conservative use of rude language)

Hiya, Rude One.

I'm writing to let you know that I keep a two-column list, and that you are now in the second column. In the first column go people like Alan Grayson who talk about healthcare reform as a matter of life and death, while in the second column, may they be shown mercy by history by being forgotten, go people who talk about healthcare reform in dollars and cents.

You think Bernie Sanders is a fucking liberal? When I take a shit the feces are more liberal than Bernie Sanders. Bernie Sanders is a fucking 'centrist' to me. Bernie Fucking Sanders, the supposed 'democratic socialist', has a democratic socialist slam-dunk before him -- the establishment of universal heathcare as an institution -- and instead he raises up a revolt against it. Screw Bernie Sanders, he goes in column two as well.

Now go read and stop being a putz and unwitting corporate pawn.

-- Barry
Apollo 4 on column of fire

My reply to the Rude Pundit's reply

I'll quote just my part. Rude Pundit reiterates his thesis (see that a speech Bernie Sanders gave was a ‘liberal’ speech. My response:

Maybe if by liberalism one means training people to think and act like enraged reptiles, rather than as tolerant, thoughtful, competent citizens.

My wife tells me Alan Grayson seemed very upset on TV when this Lieberman thing went down, but when asked whether he would support the bill he said of course he would, because people are dying. It is a position Sanders would have come to long ago if he thought of people as living bone and flesh, rather than 'consumers'.

Sanders probably will vote for the bill for the simple reason that he isn't a total dumbass, but rather a clever demagogue.

(Demagogues are prone to stating obvious falsehoods as facts, and Sanders is no exception: "Why is it that we need an entirely new approach for health care in this country? The answer is pretty obvious." It's not obvious to me; what makes it obvious? Next he presents the Strawman he intends to beat, against which he wishes to direct the rabble's fury. It's by-the-book demagogy.)

Apollo 4 on column of fire


Josh Marshall | December 17, 2009, 3:36PM

From TPM Reader AK ...
If I feel abandoned, it's not by Obama and the Democratic party, it's by those on the left advocating to kill the bill.

I am unemployed and have a pre-existing condition that requires daily medicines, quarterly doctors visits and an annual test. I am on COBRA, which runs out mid-2010, when I will have to find new health insurance. I will need to purchase some kind of health insurance, assuming I can find provider who will insure me ...

Read the rest:

I think this guy is right to feel abandoned, and unlike some other COBRA-beneficiaries he isn’t foolishly abandoning himself.