December 21st, 2009

Apollo 4 on column of fire

The annals of anemometry

The weathervanes spin.

Howard Dean:
Instead of advising Congress to vote against the bill for not containing the public option, as he stridently declared on Thursday, Dean said the Senate bill had actually “improved” over the past few weeks, and that he would wait until the House and Senate bills were combined in the conference before passing judgment: ‘I would let this bill go to conference committee and see if we can fix this bill more … Let's see what they add to this bill and make it work. If they can make it work without a public option, I'm all ears.’

A little birdy whispered in my ear that Howard will decide that the bill can work without a public option.

Meanwhile BuzzFlash has put up this as it’s big headline: ‘GOP Filibuster of HCR Defeated in Historic 1 AM EST Vote in Senate: 60-40 Along Party Lines. It will pass the Senate by Christmas Eve. It's manifestly clear: the GOP "reverence for life" ends at birth.’ However, they did not bother to take down this commentary (which links to a Politico article): ‘Obama Criticizes Left and Right for Opposing Watered Down HCR. The Problem for the President is the "Center" is a myth of Rahm Emanuel and the DNC. So It Leaves Him with a Narrow so-called "Centrist" Base. The HCR Will Probably Pass, But it May be a Pyrrhic Victory for the President.’

I would swear you couldn’t make this stuff up, except that you can, and in fact it’s easy, because we’ve all done it for real many times, perhaps even more often than Howard Dean has (though not more often than BuzzFlash). :)
Apollo 4 on column of fire

Firedoglake asked me to sign a petition

Jane Hamsher at Firedoglake sent out an e-mail asking people to sign a petition to block the Senate healthcare bill. I received three copies at three different addresses. Therefore I did three e-mail list removal requests, with explanations in the little box they had for explanations.
Apollo 4 on column of fire

Good news and bad news (revised)

Nicole Sandler is subbing for Randi Rhodes, and she claims to be ‘on the fence’, but she says it in a way that means she’s for it but in need of a rationalization. I think really she made up her mind long ago. It’s similar to when barking_iguana presented a watery healthcare plan and I didn’t like it, and I argued that I thought single payer would be necessary to clear up the mess, but I knew darn well that it wasn’t going to happen and that I would support practically any reform a decent person offered.

At this point I even think maybe AARP was right to support Medicare Part D, and that Kristy and I were wrong. The difference is that now I am using it myself, and so the donut hole, which seems a terrible idea on paper, in actual life is a reminder that I have been receiving assistance for the first half of the year, which I wouldn’t have gotten otherwise.

The bad news, though only slightly bad, is she has a basal cell carcinoma on the nose, to be removed next week. I’m not sure that isn’t synonymous with saying ‘I live somewhere along a path between Miami and San Diego’. This is in addition to a melanoma gotten early a couple of years back.

Revision: Nix that, we were wrong to oppose Part D, and when I said so Kristy paused and then nodded.

And also I just turned the sound back up after discussing family concerns with Kristy, heard Nicole Sandler say that her biggest problem with the bill is who gets the money. As I have observed, the main motivation for liberal opposition is hatred and a desire for retribution – and thus isn’t really what I would call ‘liberal’ in spirit.
Apollo 4 on column of fire

I'm rich!

Nicole Sandler is complaining about healthcare stocks going up, and I’m thinking, ‘Hey, I’m making money!’
Apollo 4 on column of fire

He makes a good case, but ...

Nicole Sandler is talking with Firedoglake’s Jon Walker and what he says we should do is have our congresscritters vote down the bill, and then go into reconciliation, spread fairy dust across the floors of Congress, and push through better legislation. It’s a compelling plan, but something about it bothers me.

Nicole suggests making the Republicans ‘really’ filibuster, and thus that they should have the floor of the Senate for as long as they like, fulfilling for them their intention of bringing the lawmaking process to a halt. Surely there is no way they would keep this up a long while in shifts, and surely making them try will go over well in the press and with the general public. Then magic happens and we pass better legislation. I think it is a weaker plan than Walker’s, but perhaps worth considering if Walker’s plan fails.