December 22nd, 2009

Apollo 4 on column of fire

I woke up to blinding cluster headache ...

... and now am slightly blind. :) It’s not a very painful one, but my left eye is very, very blurry. (My theory is temporarily lowered intraocular pressure.)

But I just turned on Jack Rice and it sounds as if he just realized that Republican resistance forcing Obama to get 60 Democrats means Obama achieved close to the maximum possible, but that it was good for people to keep the pressure up.

It is a fact I have observed, that my being very pessimistic and defensive against letdowns makes me a poor choice to keep the pressure up in that way. Pessimists and optimists are complementary; we need both. If we had just pessimists, there would be less serendipity and there would be no fighter pilots or astronauts; if we had only optimists, everyone would be dead by now due to foolish mistakes.

Jack Rice is an optimist who gets hit by an IED and then goes back for more. I won’t even go on a roller coaster. (I did the Lightning Loops once, so I could say I had done it.)
Apollo 4 on column of fire

Robert Reich just soiled his armor on-air

Nicole Sandler, as virtual Randi Rhodes, is talking to Robert Reich, and he just said he’s afraid Obama has unleashed the tea partiers. Go change your armor, Bob. :)

If the tea partiers are unleashed, then that’s more opportunities to trick them into chanting ‘Columbus, GO HOME!’ But actually I expect they are losing steam on this issue.
Apollo 4 on column of fire

Brent Budowsky makes two

Talking to Nicole Sandler, a/k/a virtual Randi Rhodes, Brent Budowsky just admitted he made an error in his campaign-era estimation of Barack Obama. Obama wasn’t (in my words) the great reforming savior that Budowsky presented to his readers and listeners.

That makes exactly two people I can think of who admitted they made a mistake. The other is Mike Farrell, who was very humble about it.

Having admitted his error, Budowsky is finally speaking a lot of ‘truth’ again. I’d missed his wisdom while he was saying unwise things such as that Obama could come out and get us a better bill. For it was on the basis of things Budowsky told us that I could conclude this was begging for hell to freeze over.

What effect this knowledge, if applied, would have had on how to push, I don’t know. I’m not the pushing type, Brent is. At the least, I wouldn’t try to get Harry Reid to stick his neck out, thinking that Obama would go along. Obama is very cautious, more than I am; once he had a position he stood firm. He is tough as nails; I am a wet noodle.
Apollo 4 on column of fire

I'm feeling better

I’m feeling better, largely because some people who have been talking of their rage at where money would be going are instead, or at least in addition, talking about sick people. It was a little weird listening to clips of Bernie Sanders saying the bill is no good and then saying that the bill would help a lot of sick and needy people. I wish people would stop speaking in all-isms as much; I’ve had enough of that from George W. Bush, already.

Also I am very sensitive to other people’s anxiety (at borderline pathological levels, I would say), and when they relax I relax.