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January 10th, 2010

The Crud Factory is pleased to release version 3.0 of our Sorts Mill Goudy fonts, our digital ‘revival’ of Goudy Oldstyle and Italic. It is based on American Type Founders specimens from yesteryear. Version 3.0 is less sensitive to bugs in software than were previous versions, and this time both PostScript-flavored and TrueType fonts are included.

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Get them here: http://www.crudfactory.com

(I didn’t want to make the changes for compatibility with buggy software – I wished to provoke software writers into fixing their programs – but it became apparent that such bugs were practically everywhere and I could never get all the programs fixed or keep them from re-breaking.)

Image credit: The League of Moveable Type

My new psychiatrist

My new psychiatrist chews his nails. I like that he finds obsessive-compulsives amusing. I don’t like that he types rather than writes; typing is noisier.

His office was small, but he’s moving into my old psychiatrist’s office. My old psychiatrist is working at the VA hospital now. I don’t know what he’s thinking; who’s more important, Barry Schwartz or veterans? I think the question answers itself.
When a conservative American ‘patriot’ fears for his country, he threatens armed rebellion, stocks canned goods and ammunition, and doesn’t fill out the census.

When a liberal American ‘patriot’ fears for his country, he threatens to move to France, live in luxury, and not fill out a ballot. He may merely stock cheese and wine for use until next week.

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