January 19th, 2010

Apollo 4 on column of fire

I missed Randi Rhodes today

It’s funny how things change for me every time there is a major political development. Though, in this case, it’s also that Randi Rhodes was having a difficult time in her life, in part because she had employers who couldn’t afford her demands. But now everybody but Randi Rhodes seems to drive me up a wall – except Frangela, who subbed for her today. But they don’t come with writers and comedy bits. So I missed Randi today.

The thing I see in Randi is that she is nearly immune to disillusionment. Indeed, if you call her up and suggest you are going to skip voting, she’ll hand you your head on a platter. She’ll raise her voice and order you to go vote. And she won’t stop until you promise her you’ll go vote.

I wish we had more people like that in political talk radio.
Apollo 4 on column of fire

The silver linings

One silver lining is that the inability of many Democratic semi-voters to count now won’t be as dramatic a failing. OTOH they couldn’t count even when we didn’t have Arlen Specter and Al Franken, so there isn’t a lot of silver there.

A more silvery lining is that Obama now senses that he is dealing with a Hopium-addicted rabble that he, remarkably, let go into withdrawal cold turkey. If he had done the weekly or fortnightly press conferences I think he should have done, he could have made the withdrawal gentle and beneficial. But, having no idea what he had done to too many people, having thought he had given them Jesus-like confidence that things would be okay, he cut off the supply. What has Obama told people who wanted to know why he hadn’t done this or that yet? He told them wait and you will be pleased. As Jesus told his disciples: the birds do not worry, yet things work out for them, and you are far more important than birds, so why should you worry? What Obama actually had given these people, however, was the feeling that they had been to a gigantic sing-a-long of Handel’s Messiah. You give people something like that every day, something that excites the production of powerful hormones, and they start to need it just to feel normal.