January 21st, 2010

Apollo 4 on column of fire

Urge to kill RISING

See http://www.talkingpointsmemo.com/archives/2010/01/welling_up.php

Liberal Dems sometimes play this game where they leap on opportunities to ‘fight the good fight’ and lose. Then they go to their constituents and act as if they are martyrs. Right now this is re-election gold for congresscreatures from safe liberal districts (though in other times it also works for those from unsafe constituencies).

You will see people, who before cursed the liberals in the House for breaking their pledge to vote against un-strong un-public un-options, today praising them for the ‘courage’ and ‘fight’ they are displaying by drawing a line in the sand of a beach that’s already behind enemy lines. Anthony Weiner, one of the pledge-breakers, sounded like he’d just received a big tax refund and could pay his back rent, when I heard him speak yesterday.
Apollo 4 on column of fire

President disassociates self from Congress

Man, this guy is good at electoral politics: http://tpmdc.talkingpointsmemo.com/2010/01/white-house-lets-let-dust-settle-on-health-care.php

See also http://blog.buzzflash.com/carpenter/588

The resemblance to Bill Clinton is there, but Obama’s temperament is totally different, so I don’t know how that will play out. Clinton is rageful, and loves being around people, and is blatantly narcissistic and unapologetic; Obama is reserved, seems uncomfortable around people, and would rather apologize than show rage.
Apollo 4 on column of fire

Another definition of Third Partyism

Third Partyism: Getting out of a traffic jam by switching to the opposite lanes.

(I am coming up with these aphorisms to try to convince myself not to do what I actually would do if I wanted the Democrat out, which is vote for the Republican.)
Apollo 4 on column of fire

Obama knew what was coming

My inference: It was in anticipation of Coakley’s loss that Obama last week turned to attacking Wall Street. Congress should do the same thing, by passing the Senate bill, and that’s what organized labor is pushing for them to do; however liberal Dems from liberal districts reason, correctly, that they will get more re-election bang for their buck by fighting for a lost cause.
Apollo 4 on column of fire

What liberals have been famous, at least since the 1970s, for not getting

Just because you make a great accomplishment doesn’t mean you get rewarded for it from the voters. If you do it in a way that makes you look like an obsessive-compulsive neat freak who sacrifices the rest of life so as to get A+ in everything instead of an average of B with the priorities arranged right, during a time of crisis, the American people will punish you and you will deserve it.

Except, of course, for people who make a living out of fighting a good fight and losing to fight another day, like that cross-dressing school nun Dennis Kucinich. They will cash in and be declared heroes. It’s the centrists who will pay the biggest price, on account of perfectionistic and opportunistic liberals.