August 31st, 2010

band-aid tooth

Crud Factory version 4 goes live

Crud Factory version 4 is in operation: [link].

An interesting thing is that CF4 works along with this LiveJournal account, somewhat. What happens is that if I make a posting like this, which is tagged "crudfactory-news", it shows up at The Crud Factory on the "News" page (after some heroic measures to try to convert LJ’s HTML tag soup to valid XML).

Postscript: The programming on the LJ end was remarkably simple. And changes to a posting at the LJ end will be reflected immediately on the CF4 end, too.

Postpostscript: The site works a little better, or less annoyingly, or more annoyingly, effect-wise, in Chrome or Safari, or in Firefox 4 beta, than in other major browsers. (Opera also belongs on the list, except the version I played with had some weird bugs in font-size transition effects.)