February 21st, 2011

Apollo 4 on column of fire


I’m off nortriptyline now and not taking anything to prevent migraine attacks, though I may still have some in my system. This was my idea entirely. Near the end of my taper-down I started getting left-sided neck-aches. This was a problem before I started nortriptyline; very difficult to sleep. A couple of days ago I took a guess, and now several times I have beaten the neck-ache with sumatriptan. The neck-aches are migraine.

What a weird condition. I suspect that when I have jaw clicking it also often may be migraine, indirectly by muscle tension.

As for going off the nortriptyline, it’s for health reasons. It’s nice having saliva again, not having a never-ending appetite, and what else? There are downsides, but maybe they will get better with acclimation to the new situation.