Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

Yes, it's really bin Laden; plus more on illegal Bushist spying before 9/11

First, bin Laden. There are lots of people who suspect or 'know' that the bin Laden tape was Big Brotherish fear-mongering by the Bushists. This is an example of why it is important to realize that Protector Bush has a narcissistic personality disorder: there is therefore almost zero chance that the tape is Bushist, because it mocks Protector Bush.

Regardless of bin Laden's health problems, which believe some to assume he has died, I believe the tape is from him. He has informed us once again that what he wants is the U.S. out of his region, and I believe that in this he tells the truth. This was his stated goal from the start a number of years ago; it's why he initiated al Qaeda in the first place. Go read his interviews, see for yourself what he says he wants. The war in Iraq in some ways serves bin Laden's goals, by generating more resentment towards the rulers of some countries, but one does not abandon long term strategies just because some lunatic started a war in Iraq. If bin Laden can actually get the American people to demand disengagement from the Middle East, he is much closer to his goals.

As for the pre-9/11 Bushist spying: I've been working on stuff, and also I have poor vision in my left eye due to one of my neurological episodes, and so haven't read the stuff much yet, but the little bit I saw was a doozy. (It was a Dusenberg automobile? This language makes no sense.) Check it out yourself at and

Oh, but I did watch my new DVD of the William Shatner movie in Esperanto, Incubus, and it's actually better than your average horror flick. It's got a lot of padding, but it's a mid-60s black and white horror flick, what do you want? With the padding and the many points at which one is reminded of a Star Trek scene, the film is very Shadowrama-worthy, but what do you expect? It's a horror flick.

BTW has Shatner ever made anything in French?

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