Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

There is one way the bin Laden tape could be fake

The bin Laden tape could be faked by the government if Bush is left `out of the loop´. Elements at the CIA would have to be in on it or foolable, because they authenticated it.

My guess is that `missing elements´ as reported by some, such as there being no references to the Koran, are missing just because people change, and that it was bin Laden and he and/or his circumstances have changed. I don´t need to believe that Bushists faked it, because it makes little difference one way or the other. The problem with Mike Malloy, for instance, is that he easily becomes convinced that Bushists did a thing like this, uses that to fuel his fury, but when actual new proof comes out of some atrocity he collapses in despair, saying `Just when I thought they couldn´t go any lower, they do,´ and takes days to recover from this shock. He worries about things that aren´t necessary to worry about, and fails to worry about what matters, such as that there is no limit to how low the Bushists can go. They´ve already gone past how low Nixon could go before giving up and resigning, but they´ll keep going.

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