Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,


I was just leafing through the font specimen PDFs I’ve made recently, and just noticed that Manfred Klein’s free ‘PragRoman’ is a font for the same typeface (Oldřich Menhart’s ‘Manuscript’ roman) as I’ve been en-font-ing.


I might never have noticed the sameness if I hadn’t made the PDFs. Now I know that the ‘Prag-’ must be for the city of Prague.

The first digitization of this typeface was probably the one made by the late Franko Luin, creator of many free e-books in Slovenian and Esperanto. It was through Luin’s work that I discovered the typeface.

It’s a difficult face to digitize as carefully as I have been doing, so I’ll probably put it aside and work on something else. No doubt Manfred’s needs some work, but it is not a useful enough typeface. I’ve been learning a lot, but at the price of making myself sick. Well, I only have to keep my ‘mind’ off matters for another week and a half, until my Social Security hearing…

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