Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

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Updated FRIDAY DEC. 3, 2004: [Theresa] LePore [of Palm
Beach County, Florida] ups the ante: $3,000 ... no, $4,000 ... no,
$7,000 for election records [requested under the Freedom of
Information Act].

Though she has yet to present us with a bill, Theresa LePore has been
upping the ante every time she talks to the media. It will be at least
$3,000, she told the Orlando Sentinel.

That is ... $4,000, she told the Palm Beach NBC affiliate.

Now the $4,000 is for "research" and the $3,000 is for "copies."

Lessee $20 per hour for "research," that is 500 hours to
retrieve the same records request that most counties are charging $20

"How much will it be?" Andy Stephenson asked another Florida county,
up in the north panhandle.

"Oh, that'll be about a dollah," the supervisor said.

My my my. LePore's records must be gold-plated. We are supposed to get
the official bill tomorrow.

Snohomish County wants about $2,500 for their records.

We also did statewide FOIA requests in all 50 states. Texas gave the
records to us for free. Colorado charged $1,900 for 3,500 pages of
documents. Michigan wants $125,000 just to look for the records. (All
got the exact same request.)

(This is what democracy looks like?)

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